Athlete Scholarship Service

Why College-Bound Athlete Scholarship Service works while RECRUITERS fail:


Did you know that using a recruiter could actually hurt your player's chances?


The Student Athlete Scholarships Foundation (SASF) is staffed entirely by volunteers, most of whom are successful college coaches, and they can tell you first hand that college soccer coaches do not like recruiters. College Coaches want to hear directly from families, families who are genuinely interested in playing and studying at his/her school.


Yes, families, coaches recruit both players and their parents!


Most College Coaches were once club coaches. Old preferences really don't change. Coaches still prefer genuine, supportive parents, coach-able players and the satisfying team success that follows. Team chemistry, that most elusive variable, is a constant challenge to every college coach. The pieces of this puzzle could fit together in hundreds of different combinations, but when the magic is there and everything works for the coach in team sports, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. College Bound Athlete Scholarship Service applies these fundamentals as a means to enhance these relationships.


Recruiters who flood coaches’ mailboxes with photocopied resumes of players they do not know are offensive. Most coaches we know do not even bother to open those envelopes or, worse, question why a player with any potential would ever hire none-personable parties. College Bound Athlete Scholarship Service takes the time to form relationships between the Athlete, their parents and the prospective college coach. The result of this approach is our 100% placement rate.


We at College Bound Athlete Scholarship Service sees the coach's world from their point of view. For the past 15 years we has worked with hundreds of college coaches in soccer and other sports. We has acquired a sensitivity for their coaching style, their program's traditions, the school's culture and its valuation of athletics and student athletes. Our founder Pat Greccos' College Showcase for the Long Island Junior Soccer League, the nation's largest, has earned the respect of coaches and forged hundreds of valuable personal relationships.


Our approach is unique. Unlike recruiters, We are invisible. After personal interviews with player and parents, together they develop a list of target schools, and the family's research begins. Only when both player and parents are genuinely interested in a school, its program and its coach does the family initiate its direct contact.


A large part of a coach's time and travel budget is spent identifying players who want to attend his school and want to play for him as well as those that are both academically and athletically qualified to do so. Many coaches evaluate 500 players to finally sign just one.


College coaches welcome qualified and motivated student athletes who present themselves in this way. Mrs. Grecco says, "It's so simple. Realistically evaluate your qualifications, study the coach's requirements and go where they want you."





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