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"When we began our college search, we knew nothing about Coach Gabe Mejail and Merrimack College. All we knew was that Krista wanted to play Soccer in a competitive program but one that was 'not over the top.' Academically, Krista was interested in pursuing athletic training and possibly a career in physical therapy. Pat Grecco not only introduced us to Coach Mejail and Merrimack but personally contacted Coach Mejail on our behalf. After several meetings and an attractive academic/athletic package, Krista signed on. Now four years later we are certain Krista made the right choice after a successful career on and off the field highlighted by her recent acceptance into a PhD Physical Therapy program. We will be forever grateful to Pat for her help in introducing us to Coach Mejail and Merrimack College."


Bill Fazio

Krista Fazio

Merrimack College

"What a ride! Having met Pat Grecco was one of the best things that ever happened to us. When our son Bryan was in tenth grade we were so luckily recommended to call Pat Grecco. We met with Pat and life changed from that point on. Pat is a true professional with a warmth that words cannot describe. Pat is truly interested in the success of her clients (friends). With Pat's total guidance and creativity and extreme knowledge of the process, we sent out letters and academic athletic profiles of Bryan to College Coaches and Admissions Departments to more than 40 colleges. Bryan received many phone calls, emails and letters from College Golf Coaches. Yesterday Bryan moved into Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. What a place! Bryan is studying and playing Golf at an awesome college! Thank you Pat Grecco. You are a gift to this world and to us!"


Amy Bernstein

Bryan Bernstein

Dickinson College, 2016


"I just wanted to thank you for the selfless support of Bien and his college ambitions. His acceptance at Ohio Wesleyan is a dream come true for him and all of us who have been working to support his educational aspirations. We couldn't have done it without you, and we will always be incredibly grateful for your counsel, support and friendship. I'm looking forward to staying in touch and keeping you posted on Bien's progress at OWU. You've really helped change a life!"

"On behalf of Natasha and myself, thank you for all your guidance and insight during our college hunt. Thanks in great part to your relentless coaching, Natasha was able to find the best architecture school for herself, and is so excited to join the team of her choice at RPI. She is working at a gym and has easy access to all the training gear required for her summer fitness program, which she's been following for a couple of weeks already."


Lara Jahchan

Natasha Jahchan

Locust Valley, NY

"Six years ago, Bienvenue Ntwari arrived in the U.S. for the first time as an African refugee. He was a part of Luma Mufleh's Refugee Soccer Team in Clarkston, GA, that caught the attention of author and reporter Warren St. John, who subsequently wrote the book, Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, an American Town. Today, Bienvenue lives in Fort Wayne, IN, but he still calls Warren St. John, a mentor and a good friend. Warren secured a local tutor, Jenny Sargent, and introduced Bien and Jenny to Pat Grecco with the College-Bound Athlete Scholarship Service to help in his search for the right college."


"Jenny, we're so grateful to Pat for her help in navigating the confusing world of college athletic scholarships. Pat gave us the tools we needed to create a winning Soccer Resume. We had so many options immediately, and soon the phone wouldn't stop ringing with Coaches who were pursuing us for a change. In the end, there were about seven strong schools Bien had to choose from. With Pat's guidance, we secured not only an acceptance into Bien's first choice school, but also an affordable financial aid deal as well. Now he is looking forward to the opportunity to get a quality education and play for a highly successful Soccer Coach! Thanks, Pat, for helping us find Ohio Wesleyan University! You've played a big part in helping Bienvenue's dreams come true!"


Jennifer Sargent

Bienvenue Ntwari, Africa


"Sebastian started last night (the only freshman to start) in SUNY New Paltz's home opener against Mt. St. Mary. NP won 1-0!!! Thank you again for your advise and guidance over the last few years. We couldn't have done it without you".



"Pat Grecco took an overwhelming process and made it very simple. She met with us and asked all the right questions so that she had the information she needed to make up a list of D-I, D-II and D-III schools that had both the academics and the athletics that Ryan was looking for. It is amazing how quickly she was able to process our scattered information into a strong list of schools that Ryan was qualified for!"


Pat's knowledge of colleges and universities even introduced us to schools that we had not previously known of. However, each of these schools had highly recognized academics. Each of these schools also had coaches who would understand that Ryan's main focus is his studies. Pat took an enormous spectrum of choices and funneled it down into a group of schools that fit Ryan's needs and expectations perfectly."


Theresa McGinley

Ryan Rausch

Gettysburg College, PA


"Thanks for the direction you gave us early on. It was very helpful."


Jody Williams

Colin Williams

Westerville, OH


"When my son Oscar finished his Junior Year at St. John the Baptist High School and prepared for a Soccer Tournament in Upstate New York for a College showcase, Susan Ciancia, recommended Pat Grecco. The LIJSL gave conferences to parents and players about how Soccer can get students into college; Pat led the program. My husband and I believe the best legacy we can give our children is a good education complemented with a sport that builds confidence, discipline and fitness."


"Oscar is a very good athlete; he has played Soccer since the age of 5 and he had very good school grades. I did not know how to select the college or how to go about it, there was a huge variety of schools, and they all differed in size. We were inundated with flyers, applications packages and all kind of information about colleges."


"Pat managed and guided us trough the whole process in a timely and professional manner. Our son's priority was to have a good academic education, based on that, she recommended us to focus in colleges with Division II and III Programs. By the beginning of March the following year, he had five offers from Div. III Schools and three offers from Div. II schools. With Pat's prudent advice, everything went perfectly. Oscar will attend St. Thomas Aquinas College, Div. II in New York. I am a very proud Soccer Mom because Soccer gave us a good financial relief for my son's education and I am so grateful for Pat's expert guidance."

"Beyond her professionalism as a College Athlete Advisor, Pat possesses a great talent of compassion and kindness, especially with people less fortunate, like the Spanish Community who have an excellent talent for playing Soccer, but don't understand the process and all the opportunities they have. Pat is one of the few people who has been informative and supportive, advising them until they reach the college level."


Maria Elaina Diaz

Oscar Diaz

West Islip, NY

"As all parents of student-athletes know, the process of selecting the right college for your Son or Daughter can be an overwhelming task. After our first meeting with Pat, we had a great feeling of relief, and knew immediately we were heading in the right direction. Her organizational skills, knowledge of colleges, and a 'game plan' with a definitive timeline made the process much easier. From resumes to letters, Pat knows who to send it to and when to send it. Pat's quick response time to our many questions along the way and her genuine concern for us and our Son, has led to a relationship that goes well beyond the recruiting process and will continue for many years to come."


Brian and Susan Hill

Kevin Hill

VMI Cadet Sout Hempstead, NY

"I must tell you how rewarding being a KP parent has been. I love being at the academy, and now being a senior parent I am happy to be a mentor to the incoming freshman parents. They are so eager to be involved, and I am glad to help lead the way. I do this through the Football Parents Group and also through our regional KP parent group. In my own fashion it is a way to pay homage to you, Pat, as were it not for you being James' mentor, he would not be where he is today, and I would not be the proud mama I get to be each and every day!"


"James is doing well—he has been promoted to Platoon Commander. We hope this will help his quest to join the Coast Guard. We hadn't even considered he may be eligible to attend a federal academy until you and Frankie came along. (God put us all together at that Legion meeting for a reason!) With your push and inspiring affirmation to go for it, we mounted a family and friends offense, and against all odds, he got the call 3 days before start of indoc.! Now he plays starting offense, up against some very tough, big opponents."

"When I saw this picture today, taken at our last game this past weekend, I was amazed by it, as I read into it how it epitomizes James, and his 'David fights the Goliath' life, and I immediately thought of you—and I thought you'd like a copy of it."


Laurie Mirance

Jimmy Mirance

Long Island, NY

"Hey Pat, thought you'd like to hear...Ricky signed a Free Agent Pro Contract with the Arizona Cardinals a Punter...He was so close to being drafted by quite a few teams...but he has made a great deal and has a great chance to make the team. He had a fantastic college career at Shepherd setting almost every Kicking/Punting Record...and was the WVIAC Conference 1st Team Kicker/Punter for 3 years. Hope all is well with you and family. Thanks for your help along the way. All the best."


Gary Schmitt

Father of Ricky Schmitt

Virginia Beach, VA

"Thank you Pat Greco for your guidance and everything that you gave me. I know you and my family were the only ones who kept pushing to help me along the tiring college recruitment process. I'm very thankful that I had you by my side to talk to when I had questions and situations. May God bless you and your family!"


Anthony played on the Albertson Academy, a top program in the NY region, and he will be going to a D-I school on Soccer Scholarship, New Jersey Institute of Technology where he will major in International Business.


Anthony Escamillia

Bayport, NY

"I would highly recommend Mrs. Pat Grecco in helping student-athletes reach their goals toward a productive choice for college."


"She helped my son, Anthony Escamillla by guiding him though the complex process of college hunting. I always felt she was readily available for questions."


"I am deeply grateful for all her aid and will refer her to many others."


Dr. Sarita Duchatelier

Bayport, NY

"Mrs. Grecco, I have verbally committed to Brandeis University, I knew when I set foot on the campus it was the right fit for me. Thank you for all your help."


Katie Weil

Port Washington, NY

"I just want to say thank you again for everything. You truly did help me an enormous amount, and just because I committed, doesn't mean we won't keep in touch."


Dylan Bauver

Commack, NY

"Without Pat Grecco's help I wouldn't be where I am today."


Mike Fusco

Garden City, NY

"Mrs. Grecco knows everyone in the Soccer World. She will tell it to you straight, and if you want to play Soccer in college, you will if you follow her counsel."


Naomi Lee Pollack

Hartsdale, NY

"From eighth grade on our son expressed his goal of wanting to play College Soccer. My wife and I were at a loss as to how to help him navigate the confusing maze of college coaches, NCAA rules and the like. Pat Grecco provided a steady hand, sage guidance and the professional tools to make the process painless and easy to understand. Her knowledge of college coaches, feel for people and understanding that there is a college fit for each student, are traits that make Pat special. Pat just 'gets' it and because of that, our son will be playing ball at Ithaca College this fall."


Marty Kaminsky

David Kaminsky

Ithaca, NY

"Pat Grecco does is an excellent judge of both athletic and academic talent. She is well respected by both coaches and academic advisers. She does a superb job matching student athletes to appropriate academic settings."


Dr. Joe Dulski

Jessica Dulski

Rochester, NY

"Pat Grecco's guidance helped us maneuver the route to an athletic college scholarship. Her experience was a valuable tool and her counsel came with a sincere interest in our individual situation. Through weekly phone calls and e-mails we were able to clearly see what we needed to do to accomplish our goals. Even though Pat is in New York and we are in East Tennessee, her knowledge of colleges and their Soccer Programs throughout the country helped Thomas find his 'best fit.' Thanks to Pat's help our son is now looking forward to his dream of playing College Soccer."


Kathy E. Burke Mihalczo

John Thomas Mihalczo III

Clinton, TN

"Brittany signed NLI to Stony Brook. We are very happy for her and I think she is relieved that her college decision is done and she can enjoy the remainder of her Senior Year! Hope we get to meet you one of these days. Thank you for the professional service and insight of the college search process. If I can refer somebody your way I will."


Jeff Benthin

Brittany Benthin

Medina, NY

"The college selection process is a difficult and time consuming task that left us overwhelmed and inundated with questions to be answered with information to consolidate. Pat Grecco, through her calm, professional and information procedure was a Godsend to us. Pat not only guided us step by step through the student-athlete maze, but also was plethora of college information. Step by step, our Daughter Irene, was matched by her athletic and academic qualifications, as well as her requirements as to which university would best suits her needs as a student-athlete. Irene is currently attending American University in Washington, DC, and playing on the Women's Soccer Team, a Division I Program. She is a Gradate of Saint Anthony High School, Class of '04."


Andy and Rose Karistinos

Irene Karistinos

Old Bethpage, NY

Dear Pat,


"Well what can I say? Starting Freshman Goalie, played 25 of 25 games, helped to break the record for most games won in a season for Adelphi, and competed in the NCAA Finals in Texas. I would not be able to be the bragging father that I am if it hadn't been for the knowledge and expertise that you use in order to choose the right school for the right Athlete. Being our first Daughter going to college we really didn't know how the process worked, especially with recruiting, dealing with Coaches, Scholarships, etc. Pat you took all of the guesswork out of a very important decision making process for us and I will always be grateful."



Michael Conway

Christine Conway

Rockville Centre, NY

"When our son Preben decided in his Junior High School Year he wanted to attend a U.S. College as a student-athlete, this seemed a daunting task. While he was a good student and a talented Soccer Player, as a German family living in Belgium, we had no contacts at American Universities, were unfamiliar with the recruiting system, and the coaches knew nothing of him. After some research on the web, I stumbled over a reference to a 'College-Bound Student-Athlete Advisor' and decided to get in touch. This is how we started working with Pat Grecco. A year later, Preben has had six coaches recruiting him, four of these colleges admitting him, and will now be joining Clark University with a substantial scholarship in Fall, playing for a very competitive Division III Program under Coach David Kulik and getting a great Liberal Arts College Education."

"While this is Preben's achievement, Pat's contribution was invaluable. With her intimate knowledge of the system, her wide network of contacts among coaches, and her strong reputation in college athletic circles, she was able to guide us at all times, knowing what to do when, and how to do it. She has proven not only an expert, but responsive, supportive, and reliable throughout. Most importantly, Pat Grecco is a delight to interact with, warm-hearted, and a true idealist when it comes to Soccer and helping young people fulfill their ambitions. We have found a good friend in her, and the only thing I regret is that we will not have the pleasure of going through this process with Pat again, as we don't have another student-athlete in the family."


Dr. Axel Gietz

Preben Gietz

Waterloo, Belgium

"Well what can I say about Pat Grecco? I was recently widowed and didn't know which way to turn. My son knew he wanted a military college, but he wasn't sure where he might be happier. Pat helped Danny narrow down his search...VMI or the Citadel....He was on the waiting list for both, but with Pat's connections and constant communication with Danny, he was accepted into the Citadel and recently graduated this year on the Deans List."


"Pat also worked with my son, Michael, who really had no idea where he wanted to go. She helped him narrow down his search, and got him into the college of his choice. She was in constant communication with both my boys, always there to help every step of the way in their college transition. She was the mother I couldn't be. She was there for guidance, answers and support. She made my job so much easier because she became totally involved with all the students she helped, I recommended Pat to a number of friends. She is truly every parent's dream in a time where our children and we parents need a professional to guide us through the college transition. Thank you Pat, you're the greatest!!!!!"


Daniel DeRose with Pat and Mother, Maureen

DeRose Garden City, NY

"Discovering Pat Grecco, through Student-Athlete Magazine/Bob Collins, and working with her was one of the best things that happened in my Son's search for a college that would fit his athletic and academic 'wish list.' Her insights and perspectives changed his thinking about possibilities and what he should be doing. Pat knows 'what to do' and 'when to do it.' She gets the Student involved and helps make a daunting task a planned, step-by-step process. Most important, she develops a relationship with both the student and parents to help each assume the appropriate role. The best lesson she taught us was, 'It is never too early to begin the process, one just needs to know what are the appropriate actions, depending on what stage you are at.' Pat guided us on those appropriate actions."


Jim McCarthy

Father of Owen P. McCarthy

Evansville, Indiana







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