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     Helpful Links        Big Apple Soccer      Soccer Long Island Magazine       Varsity Student Institute       Rugg's Recommendations       Cornerstone College Aid Service       Soccer Camp by Soccer Extreme Camps       Long Island Junior Soccer      Bill Roller - Individual Tutoring - SAT/ACT Math Tutor       Sylvia Schuster - Individual English Tutoring Since the early 1980s College Bound Athlete Scholarship Service have been working with college bound student-athletes with our mutual goal being to help them receive a Soccer Scholarship. We have been very successful at every level. Winning a Soccer Scholarship can be very, very easy if you follow the procedures we outline.


Rule #1 is start early, beginning 9th grade.


Rule #2 involves playing on a competitive Soccer Team at the highest level and usually with a professional coach. With these type of team, there are others who wish to receive a Soccer Scholarship and would like having a coach who understands the roads that lead to a Soccer Scholarship.


Rule #3 networking with College Coaches is essential. The object of networking is to establish a pipeline between your home and the coach's office. Keep the college informed of where he can next see you play. Networking also includes visiting the coach at his school and perhaps going to a summer camp where he is involved. Most of the time, simply play in your high school does not yield a Soccer Scholarship; playing on a high level club team that trains with professional coaches and competes with other top teams in their age group, as well as attending highly competitive tournaments and college showcase that you can increase your success in winning a scholarship.


Our expertise, College-Bound Athlete Scholarship Service begins with meeting you and discussing Soccer Scholarship opportunities. We ask questions like: How far from home would you like to go? What would you possibly want to major in? In addition, We determine your athletic and academic level; and begin to research approximately 30 colleges where you will have an opportunity to be recruited for a Soccer Scholarship. Social considerations are also an issue and size of the school, as well as personal challenges. At College Bound Athlete Scholarship Service, we work with student-athletes who may be learning challenges; and we worked with a hearing impaired Lacrosse Player. Can you believe the determination of our youth! There is a place for everyone to play and to study.


Receiving a Soccer Scholarship, also called an Athletic Grant can, include receiving money for your academics as well as Financial Aid; this is called your Financial Package. Soccer scholarship not guaranteed for four years, are renewed yearly. Also you can receive money through the university or college as well as from outside sources.


It's not just about a Soccer Scholarship, you should also be considering receiving the best education possible at a school that offers your major and where you can thrive socially.


Who can offer you a Soccer Scholarship? Division I and Division II schools can offer you a Soccer Scholarship. Can Division III schools offer you a Soccer Scholarship? No, but they can offer you Athletic Grants, Talent Awards and Financial Aid. I know which D-III schools tend to be very generous with their incoming athletes. Also, keep in mind that D-I men have 9.9 scholarships to offer. Not every year but overall, so the better student you are, the more creative the coach can be, offering you less of his athletic money while obtaining academic money through the college or university.


When in final negotiations with the coach, be sure you have it in writing from the school stating what your package will consist of. Meaning the amount of your Athletic Grant, AKA Soccer Scholarship, and what the entire Financial Package will contain; simply put, what your bottom line is, basically how much will it cost your parents each semester could be zero.


Soccer Scholarships can be increased each year and in rare cases can be taken away. Many times parents have asked, "What if my son or daughter is injured? How will that affect his or her Soccer Scholarship?" In my experience, usually if the injury occurs through Soccer, the school will keep you on scholarship for your tenure at their school although this is not always written in stone.


What if the coach says, "I have no Soccer Scholarship money available this year, but if you come to my school, I'll have some available next year”? Again, this is not in writing and not a definite confirmation.


Although winning a coveted Soccer Scholarship is every player's goal and dream, do not lose site of the fact that going to an outstanding school academically should be in the mix. Sometimes getting into a highly competitive college is worth more to some people than getting money for a Soccer Scholarship. Work hard academically while you are in high school, this will make it easier to win a Soccer Scholarship and certainly will have the attention of the coach.


My motto continues to be "No Soccer Player left behind and there is a place for everyone to play and study."


Pat Grecco, Advisor

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