Hello Class of '16


TIPS for Being Recruited

by Pat Grecco


Sophomore-Junior - Identify the colleges that have what you like, example, your major, distance from home, your sport, size of school and social environment.


Do Research on the schools and by senior year have your list to about  6-8 schools where you will apply. Visit the schools, speak with the coaches, players, see a game or match or attend camp there.


Don't focus on one school, have lots of options.


You will need to know:

1. Does the coach want me on the team, has coach seen me play?

2. Will I make the team and be offered a roster spot?

3. Is the position I play available on that team?

4. Can my family afford this school if I don't get any athletic or academic or financial aid $$$

5. If you don't have a highlight video, get one asap!


Create a pipe-line between your house and the office of the coach, email coach frequently and be sure to attach your updated Athletic-Academic Profile and drop in your video link.  Be sure video link is easily accessible to the coach, put in on You Tube, make it a one click stop for coach. No group emails ever and be sure your video is updated with who you are currently, not something from the 9th grade.


Let the coach know why you selected his or her school, i.e. academics, athletics, coaching style, demographics, social environment.


When you have reached your magic number of 6-8 schools have your coaching references get in touch with the college coaches


Keep your grades up and retake SAT/ACT.  College coaches are looking for student-athletes with good grades.  Better grades get more attention. Better grades can get you academic $$


Final thought, ask yourself this question, "If I could never play my sport again, would I still want to go to this college/university?"