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The single and first most important question for a parent to ask a college coach is, "Do you have an academic support program for athletes?" also called tutoring. "Is there a paid counselor who will watch over the men's soccer team or women's swimming team, where they will know each student-athletes grades and who is in danger of failing and needs extra help?" If the answer is no, I would reconsider sending my son or daughter to this school.


There are thousands of colleges in the U.S. and now is the time for you to help your child do their homework and choose the best fit. Does your child want to stay close to home or attend school on the other side of the country? Do they want to get lost in the crowd, or would they be more comfortable at a smaller school where their professors, fellow students and teammates know them by name? These are a few of a myriad of questions you will need to consider carefully. It's a big adjustment for both you and your child, but if you choose wisely the rewards will be worthwhile.


As a parent, you naturally want your child to exceed beyond their wildest expectations both academically and athletically. You want them to feel comfortable and safe while they are growing and learning. You want them to find happiness. When your children are happy, you are happy. It sounds easy, but it's not magic. A successful college search requires an extreme amount of discipline and dedication.


The college search process is basically an adult treasure hunt. Essentially, the goal is to fit a round peg, the student, into a round hole, the college. Get a perfect fit and everybody wins! If you stumble upon a poor match, a square peg and a round hole, everybody suffers, emotionally and financially.


The process is part art, part science. No two students and no two colleges are exactly alike. Consequently, each college search is unique to both the student seeking a college and the college seeking a student. Discovering the right college fit becomes especially challenging when dealing with a prospective student-athlete, but it is possible to make your dream school a reality.


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